Aug 27

Sleepy Sam’s Bed & Breakfast Review

Sleepy Sam’s Hostel is located in an approachable place with all the amenities. You can choose this place if you are looking for cheap stay in Singapore for a single person. The hostel is quite hygienic with all the basic facilities. You will experience a good stay in this hostel and it will be easy to commute to all important places. The breakfast was nice and I took my teacup pig on the vacation. I preferred a single room, but I had to cross dormitory to get into my room. It was an awkward thing for me, but acceptable as they allowed by pet to stay with me.

Internet was available all the time and it was just working fine. I even ordered simple food for my pet and it was made obtainable. Room service was okay and I won’t rate it too high as there were a few delays in fulfilling my requirements. However, it was fine with me as I had my teacup pig with me. The room was smaller, but it was suffice for me and my pet. It was a bit noisy due to dormitory next to the room.

Sleepy Sam's Bed & Breakfast Review

I had a conception in my mind that Sleepy Sam’s rooms have bedbugs, but fortunately, I didn’t face such problem. Dorm rooms were unclean in the evening, but they cleaned it during daytime. Breakfast was fine. There were not so many items, but whatever available was good. There are many restaurants nearby and you will not be bored by staying at this place. You can roam around in the surrounding areas and feel great by interacting with people or taking your pet around. The room shared with my pet was alright, but I won’t go to the place again, if I am with my family as I felt that it was not a family place.